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Umbrella is financed entirely by donations, child sponsors and fundraisers hosted all over the world. 
Volunteers are asked to fund raise a minimum of €1000 before coming to Umbrella. This €1000 will cover the volunteer's expenses while living with Umbrella; accommodation in the volunteer's house for three months, two meals a day, program running costs and expenses for the Saturday activities. It will also cover the cost of caring for one child for an entire year! Asking volunteers to fund raise before coming on the program has many benefits for the overall organization:

* Raises enough money to care for one child for one year (Umbrella spends ~€750 per child every year)
* Covers the cost of the volunteer program
* Raises awareness of the situation and needs in Nepal
* Raises Umbrella's network of supporters

click on the link below to sponsor my trip and add to the success of the Umbrella Foundation.

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