Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fantastic Friday

So today was pretty action packed. The younger kids get off school early on Fridays and the group from Ireland put on a bunch of games for them. If was pouring rain. That didn't slow anybody down. The first game was helicopter. Everyone stands in a circle and the 'helicopter' was one of the Irish guys swinging a rope with a bottle tied to it in circles along the ground at everyone's feet. You are suppose to jump as it passes underneath you. A bunch of our girls were playing and dragged me along with them. Two of them held my hands yas this thing went whizzing past us underneath our feet. I knew I was barely hanging on and watched a few people fall victim to this roped bottle. My instincts were telling me that my older reflexes could not handle this challenge, jumping at the exact right moment was beyond the capabilities of my thirty/something year old body. I suggested to the girls hanging onto me that it would be best for me to bow out of the game before it got ugly. They insisted I stay. I felt obligated to stay in the game. If these children were not questioning my abilities, why should I? We continued. I don't think the bottle made another round after I questioned myself that it took hold of my ankles and flung me to the ground (rather ungracefully I'm sure) and dropped me into a mud puddle, sending my flip flops sailing. The girls then realized that yes, this game was not for me and let me sit it out. Thank god! They were very apologetic for the rest of the day. "sorry sister"
Luckily, I have enough backside to cushion the fall and was completely unharmed. Wet and muddy yes, broken or bruised.... No.
More games and fun ensued, the rain kept pouring down and great fun was had by all. After a bit everything was finally called off so the kids could head home and dry off.
The different houses have been taking turns having a night each of performances to welcome the Irish group and showcase their talents. I haven't made it to any of them as in the evenings I have been teaching the computer class. Last night I was finally able to go to the performance at the Annapurna Hpuse. Everyone received Tikki and a scarf in a small welcoming ceremony. Tikki is this red dye stuff that they put on your forehead. Then the boys in the house (older Umbrella kids) did some singing and dancing, and even some rap. Of course there
Was some Justin Beiber thrown in, and a couple of the Irish guys performed the rap 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air'. Great fun was had by all.

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