Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Indira Ghandi Airport

It's just passed 4 am on Thursday morning, and I'm at the airport in India, waiting for my flight to Kathmandu at noon. 
 I was a little bit stressed out about not having a visa for India since I was told by two separate agents working for 2 separate airlines that I needed one.  I had not gotten one, as I hadn't read anywhere that I neeed once since India was just a stop-over.  One of our Canadian airlines, which will remain nameless, was fully prepared to deny me boarding even.  After some convincing, she agreed to let me fly the first porti on of my flight (from Halifax to Montreal) so that I could atleast get that far and figure it out from there.  Grrrr.  They were stressing me out for nothing.  It was easy peasy, my luggage is waiting to be boarded onto my flight at noon, and i'm wandering around the airport (completely visa-less) and not a soul is trying to harass, imprison, or kick me out of the country. 
The airport is great, there's food, lounges, free internet, tons of shopping, and the bathrooms have one of those hose like things like you have on your kitchen sink for rinsing off the dishes with.  This of course is for rinsing other things off with (I'm assuming, but there were no instructions).  There is also a nice lady standing there to hand you the towel to dry your hands off with.  
While waiting in line at the transfer info place upon arrival I met two separate groups of people who are also flying to Kathmandu this morning to do similar work.  Nice people :)  Both groups were from the US and I believe they are mostly here to teach.  
My clock is completely messed up, it doesn't feel like night or day, and I'm not sleepy or wide awake.  At some point I'll be so tired I won't know which way is up or down, but so far I'm doing OK.  Only 7.5 hours until my flight to Kathmandu.

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