Sunday, July 24, 2011


It is now 12:23 am on Monday morning. I went to bed hours ago, but it's a hot night, the frogs are incredibly loud and the dogs in the neighborhood seem very unsettled. Because of all those things and a mind on overdrive, I'm not able to sleep. So I decide that a trip to the kitchen for some water, a quick visit to the bathroom and maybe I'll be able to get to sleep. Everyone else in the house is quiet and presumably asleep, so I use the bathroom downstairs which is farthest away from the bedrooms. I finish my business on the toilet and stand up to pull up my shorts when I notice movement. I have company in the bathroom! A RODENT! I react before I even get a chance to finish pulling up my shorts and me and the rodent are frantically trying to get away from each other. It is looking for the nearest escape route and I'm trying to stay out of it's way without tripping over my shorts that are still Around my knees. Finally it heads behind the toilet, I manage to get my shorts up and run out of the bathroom closing the door behind me. I know i can't just leave it in their for the next person to find, so my bright idea is to throw a bucket on top of it to catch it. I head back in and grab the bucket. I think it senses my plan of attack and seems to be running back and force at a much quicker pace this time. I make a couple attempts with the bucket and realize this thing is much too quick for me. And I'm also making a hell of a racket throwing a plastic bucket around a tiled floor. While I'm plotting my next move, the thing disappears. I notice the drain cover is off a bit and realize it must have slipped down there. The bucket is now sitting upside down on the drain cover so it can't come back.
After all that I really doubt I'll be able to sleep now.

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