Sunday, July 24, 2011

I heart danial

Most mornings and afternoons we walk the girls to and from school. Today they finished early and we picked them up at 1pm. The sun was blazing and there were a few girls trailing behind. I always stick with the slow ones to make sure we don't lose anybody. They carry used water and pop bottles with them for water, and the lids have a Tiny hole poked in them so they can squirt the water into their mouth. One of the girls kept running way in front of me to write on the road with her water. When I caught up to her scribble it read I (drawing of a heart) danial. She gave me a drawing yesterday and wrote on it " to danial sister", so I know she was referring to me. I must admit it was very reassuring to me,to see that she adores me on some level. I haven't been connecting with the kids as much as i'd hoped to be, but obviously, with atleast one, I have. :)

Today after school I met one of our girls best friends. She isn't an Umbrella kid, but she also has a sad story. You wouldn't know it to see her though. She Is bright and happy and very friendly. When I was introduced to her she asked what country I was from, her smile grew wide and she started to glow. I was thinking she had some deep connection with our fine country. She exclaimed "Canada!!!? Justin is from Canada! I LOVE Justin Beiber!". I would have loved to have told her I knew him or something crazy like that, but as you know, I only recently learned that the guy was even from Canada......

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