Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kathmandu has some sort of power shortage which causes times of half power and times of no power. When there is half power the lights are dim and the toaster won't work. When theres no power you hardly notice it unless it's dark out. Then we bring out the candles or go
To bed.
Tonight the power is out and the volunteer house is quiet. My back is on fire as I forgot how you can still get a burn when it's overcast (yes mom, I KNOW I should know better.... But I wasn't going to be out long and and.....). Well i was washing my clothes by hand crouched over a bucket and a tap wearing a tank top. I can only feel the burn, I haven't really seen it as it's dark.

Tonight was day two for me teaching computer class to some of the older kids. I'm teaching them Excel. I love excel, but I'm no teacher. All in all it went ok, and I'm really enjoying it. The kids are not from the house I normally in so it gives me a chance to meet more of the kids.

On the weekend a couple of the girls were asking me to teach them games songs or dances from Canada. It's been a few years since I was a kid and I'm totally drawing a blank. So i guess i'm asking for a little help? If you can think of something from your childhood that you think my girls would enjoy.... The simpler the better. Send me an email. The only thing I can think of is the chicken dance and I can't even really remember the moves, and that is pretty lame. I need to redeem myself before I become the MOST boring volunteer ever.


  1. Oh man. What about:

    Ring around the rosie, duck duck duck goose, capture the flag (maybe for some of the older kids), red rover?

    As far as songs go - what about Teddy Bear's Picnic, Henry the 8th, hokey pokey?

  2. musical chairs/pillows??? my daughter suggests the chicken dance lol but i see you've already attempted that one! if we think of anything else i'll post it for you :P

  3. Old Macdonald? BINGO (there was a farmer had a dog and Bingo was his name-o) (not the bingo game with balls) The farmer in the Dell? I'm a little teapot? Itsy-bitsy spider?

    I'll keep thinking
    Elise Neufeld (Sharon's daughter-in-law)