Thursday, August 11, 2011

And then there was one.....

Today, Nadja flew home to Germany. Actually she is probably just boarding her plane as I'm typing this. She was at Gauri Shankar as a lone volunteer when I first arrived, and now I too will be alone until another volunteer arrives in September.
The house tutor is also away to pursue her own studies so tonight I offered to help the girls with their homework. I can't help with much as it's mostly Nepali, but they do have math and English classes that I THOUGHT I could help them with. At first I went to see the older girls to offer my services. They declined (phew, high school sounds hard). So I head to the younger girls who are enthusiastic about me helping (how hard can it be, 8-12 year olds? No problem!). I forgot to take into consideration that while I did pretty good scholastically in elementary school, it was still almost 30 years ago. After about twenty minutes of fumbling through some questions regarding inverse & corresponding angles, I decided I was probably confusing them more, so I bowed out gracefully. I also did not have my reading glasses with me so had problems seeing the numbers in the text books.

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