Saturday, August 6, 2011

Nepalese torture

Since the Irish group from Terenure College have gone home, things seem to be a bit quieter at Umbrella. One of the lads did decide to stay so he has moved into the Volunteer House. A little more testosterone in the house can't be a bad thing. The kids definitely enjoy having another guy around as well.

Yesterday I saw a dead rat in the lane and a dying mouse dragging itself off to die on the road. Totally gross. The reason I mention it is that seeing the two made me realize that the 'rat' I danced around the bathroom with the other night was actually a mouse. Had it really been a ray I would have screamed like a little girl and stood on the toilet until it left. The rats are the size of cats and the mice are the size of rats. Luckily I haven't really seen many cats.... But I'm sure sure they are also huge.

The girls in the house have given up jump rope for a while and have now found entertainment in hair styling. The girls do each others hair every morning in braids and pony tails of some sort. The always look great and when they asked to do mine i figured I had nothing to lose. The first girl to try my hair was very enthusiastic and so I sat down and let her get to work. After a few seconds I question the girls feelings towards me (to myself of course). I can't imagine doing that to someone you actually don't hate. I do my best not to cry and at one point I ask her if she could try not to pull my hair to which she replies "what do you mean sister? I don't understand". Yup she hates me.
After she's done, she pulls the French braid put (which actually looked really good) and started again. A couple of girls decide to
come watch and they start judging my discomfort by the crimson color my ears have turned to. Luckily the hair dresser realizes the pain she is causing me and tells me to say ouch when it hurts. After I vocalize my 'ouches' a few times and receive no relief, I give up and tell myself that this is making me a stronger person, and what the heck, my hair is thick enough, a few lost follicles will not kill me.
Later that day the same hair stylist went to work on Nadja. I felt bad her and after a few moments went over and mentioned to her stylist that she may want to be sure that she's being gentle as her clients ears were getting a bit red.
Since then other girls have taken turns doing our hair and luckily it seems only one of them is a bit rough. Today one of the girls even took some extra time and pulled out any grey hairs she found.

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