Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Saturday the Irish put on a carnival for the kids. They had a blast. I will post a video soon.
In the evening the home that houses the oldest boys (some of who have already started college) hosted a performance for the Irish. I snuck in to watch again. Holy smokes can those guys dance. It was too dark to film it, but it was like something out of a dance movie. I'm not up to date on dance styles but I think it was break dancing. There was a lot of flipping and head spinning.
Once that was over we all headed out to celebrate the last night of our volunteer coordinator. A group of about 20 of us started walking to Thamel with hopes of getting a couple of cabs. There was none. We finally saw a bus parked, but saw movement in it. One of the guys talked to him and after some bartering we had a party bus to Thamel. The driver was still getting dressed and dismantling the kids beds when we boarded. I think the family lived in the bus. The partying must have started before we showed up as the driver was a little bit stoned.
He cranked up the stereo and off we went. We ended up at Tom & jerry's for a bit before getting in taxi's and heading back home. We fit 5 or 6 in the cab, I'm not sure which, sitting on the lap of a 6'2" guy I couldn't see much with the angle my head was squished into ceiling/back of the drivers seat. I don't think he was too comfortable either.

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