Friday, August 26, 2011

Last day of exams for class 3

Today I only had five girls to walk to school. They were soooo wound up, I swear someone switched their morning dhal batt for Cocoa Puffs. Half way there I had to stop them and request that they try to stay together. They were either running miles ahead or walking slow and beating on each other (in a non-violent sisterly sort of way). I told them the were harder to handle than the group of 24 that there normally was. They apologized profusely and one of the more dramatic girls exclaimed "it would be our great pleasure to stay together and listen to you sister" as she batted her eyelashes and flashed me her best smile. Now THAT is more like it. They were acting a little bit like scolded puppies though so i felt kinda bad. To remind them that we can be good and still have fun we stopped for Tikka and a photo before carrying on to school. The picture isn't great... I know I look terrible, I am running on 3 hours sleep and little patience.
The girls if course always look beautiful.

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