Thursday, August 11, 2011

Yup it's still monsoon season!

Got caught in a rain shower today along with 2 other volunteers. We had walked together to the school to pick up the kids and just as we arrived a torrential downpour hit. The three of us clung to a wall next to a utility pole to try and take cover. I managed to keep my bag and my front dry. Luckily the girls always carry umbrellas with them (obviously they are way smarter than us) so I was immediately offered cover as soon as the first girl came out of class.

Exams are soon so the girls are studying more, and I am doing my best to help. It's good practice for my brain in case I decide to go back to school when I get back to Canada. A group of the younger girls finished studying before dinner so afterwards they dragged me upstairs to their room to play. I was passed from girl to girl like a barbie doll having my hair done and being dressed in sari's. At one point one of the girls lifted my shirt a little bit to tuck some material into my pants. She was shocked to see my pale stomach (the rest if me is getting pretty tanned and they obviously forgot that ALL of me was that white when i arrived) they all pointed and laughed and made sure everyone got to have a look.

They are also doing their best to try to teach me to dance. As most of you know I just don't dance, unless I've had a few drinks, and since drinking around the kids is strictly prohibited....,
Well it isn't pretty but i am trying to show some enthusiasm about if and laugh slot do that they are laughing with me and not AT me.

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